Sunday, September 2: Walker Ranch Loop Trail

Where the F- did July and August go?! I guess I’ve been busy and have been spending a lot of time at work, but how is it already September?! Today I found out that sustaining yourself on chocolate and candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while at work is not actually a good source of nutrition, and your body will miss nutrition when you take it on an eight mile hike on your day off.

This is 100% accurate.

But hey! I finally got out for a nice, long hike, and it was beautiful! This was hands down one of my favorite hikes I’ve done in Colorado. I picked up some hiking guide books (new state, new hiking books!). I got Best Hikes Near Denver and Boulder along with Hiking the Front Range. Walker Ranch Loop is just outside of Boulder and was the perfect distance for today.

The trail provided a lot of variety in terms of scenery, with tree-lined sections along the South Boulder Creek, to meadows, mountain views, and a section that went down into the canyon on some steep, sketchy steps.

As we made our way back to the parking lot, we heard a train horn sound and noticed that a train had popped up in the mountains out in the distance, so random. When we got back to the car, Brenn pulled out some palisade peaches she bought along the road and it was the perfect close to a really great hike- so delicious!

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