Wednesday, June 27- Thursday, June 28: Camping in RMNP

From the city to the mountains, all in a week!

Family from Ohio came to visit this week. My cousin and his girlfriend were on the last stretch of a month long road trip before they head home to pack up for their big move. This was the first time my uncle had been back to Colorado to visit since the 80s, so it’s been a fun week.

On Tuesday we all met up at New Belgium for the tour and the slide!

On Wednesday after I got off work we headed up to RMNP for a night of camping! It was so nice to get out of town for a night and enjoy some mountain time.

We walked around Bear Lake and Sprague Lake in the evening. I’ve never been in the park in the evening hours and it was beautiful as the sun was setting.

The next day we woke up, percolated some coffee, ate some unfrosted pop tarts (really though, what’s the point), and headed out to Trail Ridge Road for Mission Moose! We popped in quick at the Alpine Visitor Center before continuing on to the west side of the park. When we got to the park on Wednesday, Ranger Greg encouraged us to explore the west side of the park since the east is so crowded now, and the west has beautiful hikes of its own and that’s where you’re more likely to see Moose. We saw a handful of big, healthy looking male elk with giant racks of antlers along the road. The last thing on our mission of the morning was to see a Moose before we had to turn around. And GUESS WHAT?! Amanda has amazing eyes and somehow saw a dark brown blob FAR away in a field as we were driving. We turned around and headed back on a forest service road, got out of the truck, and walked through the area until we actually found it! I’m not sure any of us expected to succeed at this, but we did! There was a small section of river separating us, and I started to cross it on a log until the moose spotted us and I turned around. Moose can be aggressive, especially if they have a baby with them (although we didn’t know about the baby yet). It was so cool to see such a giant creature so close. Eventually she started trotting away from us, and then she nudged the grass and a baby got up and she nosed its butt until they were both trotting off into the woods. It was so neat!

After our moose adventure, we headed back to the campsite and cooked lunch before heading home.

Hey Colorado, you’re beautiful!

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