Saturday, June 23: The Cloisters

On Saturday we met up with one of my brother’s friends and hopped on the train to the very upper area of Manhattan. The Cloisters, a medieval museum, is up there and they have an exhibit that was at the Met, called Heavenly Bodies that we were going to see. Fun fact: some of Harry Potter was filmed there!

We got off the subway and were met with more beautiful green space. There was a path that led us along the river to the museum. It felt like I was on the west coast, somewhere in Oregon, because it was chilly, overcast, and so green!

The museum itself was also really neat. The exhibit fit in perfectly with the medieval setting, and it was neat to see all of the fashion that was on display.


After the museum we walked back to the subway and went to Williamsburg to walk around the shops. We tried on some hats, ate some cactus tacos at Chilo’s, grabbed a beer at Nostrand Avenue Pub, learned the Heimlich maneuver, learned about Jay-Z’s stage name, and then headed home to end the evening talking and drinking wine on Flavia’s rooftop.

This Magnolia flower fell off the tree, but smelled amazing

Good night New York!

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