Friday, June 22: A Day In Brooklyn

On Friday we had a relaxed morning at my brother’s apartment, and then headed out on a walk towards Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. One of the residents I work with lived on the edge of Prospect Park for years, and was excited to hear I’d be visiting the area. She talked up the park, the gardens, and the neighborhood, and for good reason.

We popped in to the Brooklyn museum for a bathroom break, saw a few pieces of art, and went on our way. My brother has a Bloomberg ID through work that gets him into a bunch of different museums and such for free, but the botanical gardens happened to have free Friday mornings anyways. The gardens were beautiful. There were many different areas: an herb garden, Shakespeare garden, Japanese garden, rose garden, Cherry trees, and much more. It was so peaceful.

After the gardens, we continued on to Prospect Park. I felt like I really succeeded in coming to the big city but found all the natural and green spaces, it didn’t even feel like I was in a city. We walked through the park to the other side so that we could grab lunch in the Parkslope neighborhood. We stopped in at Haab where we had some of the best guacamole I’ve had in a long time, a seitan sandwich, and plantain chips. Delicious.


After lunch we continued our walk through Brooklyn, and stopped in at Other Half Brewing for some tasty beer before heading back to get ready for dinner.

My brother’s birthday was this week (happy birthday!) so we went out to a nice, celebratory dinner at En on the west side, near Greenwich Village. It was one of the best meals of my life. We did a five course vegan meal that was just so good. There were sake pairings for each course and each course was so different and delicious in its own way. Feeling perfectly content, we left the restaurant and walked around Greenwich village a bit before heading back to Brooklyn for the night.

Here’s to a great second day in the city.

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  1. Gerard says:

    That was very interesting. Nice pictures!


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