Thursday, June 21: New York, New York!

Happy, happy summer! I spent the solstice flying into New York City for my first visit to the city.

I flew into La Guardia, which is really just the Akron/Canton airport with the addition of soldiers holding AK47s in the pick up and drop off zones. New York apparently doesn’t know how convenient it is to have decent public transportation to and from the airport, so I took an Uber to my brother’s place. The Uber driver and I talked about childhood memories (I don’t remember how we got on the topic?) and he shared with me his experiences growing up in Nepal. He told me about kite flying and fighting that he used to spend hours doing with friends, and how that’s becoming less popular except for the big festivals. Hot tip: if ever you kite fight, rub super glue on your kite’s string so that it becomes rough enough to cut someone else’s kite string.

After settling in at my brother’s, we headed up to the Manhattan/ Midtown area to go to the taping of an episode of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. It was hilarious, and also really neat to see how these shows are taped everyday. In 5-4-3-2-1. The guest, Cameron Esposito, is also on my list of favorite comedians now.

After the show, we headed over to a food court area that was nearby to grab a quick dinner. We got vegan sandwiches at Cinnamon Snail, I had a BBQ Seitan sandwich and it was delicious! It doesn’t look that exciting, but it was so good.

After dinner we walked through Times Square (holy moly so many people and lights!). We saw how the sun aligns with the streets through the buildings during the solstice. We also popped into Grand Central Station just to see how grand it was (and it definitely is grand).

We headed down towards the east river (which I learned is not technically a river) to catch a ferry back towards Brooklyn. It was a very pleasant ride and a great way to begin to end the evening.

After getting back to Brooklyn, we meandered around the neighborhood, walking through pretty park areas, stopped in at Circa Brewing for a beer, and then headed home to call it a night.

Happy summer!

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