Monday, June 4: Arthur’s Rock Trail & One Year Back in Colorado

I’ve mostly been at work throughout the past few weeks (I gifted myself two new pairs of work shoes this week after googling “best shoes for nurses.” Self love is where it’s at and I’ve been anxiously waiting by the door for the packages to arrive). BUT, I have been able to take some time to celebrate and reflect on this past year and being back in Colorado again. While I felt incredibly connected to Cleveland as a home, Colorado is the only place I have moved back to (twice), so it must be doing something right. This past year went by quickly (for real, has it really already been a year?), and there has been so much growth both professionally and personally. I moved back here with a half-assed plan and have turned it into a life that I’m loving. It’s surreal how quickly  life can change yet still be so much the same as it was yet with so much new stuff and growth happening on top of or alongside that (Does that make sense? Nope, that’s okay, I’m gonna go ahead and keep rambling now). I’d say I’ve been adjusting to living here again well, with regular climbing sessions  at the gym, plenty of micro brews consumed, cycling on the trails, trail running, live music, and hikes…. Colorado.

A week ago I went to Red Rocks with Brenn and Corey to see… THE DECEMBERISTS. It was seriously the best show I have ever been to. Brenn was the first person to introduce me to the group when we lived together back in 2012, so it was a blast getting to see them live at Red Rocks with her. They were so good. Plus, the weather was perfect and they played a song that was cut from Hamilton but that Lin-Manuel Miranda asked them to turn into a song. So, I basically got to see The Decemberists and Hamilton live, all in one night.

Today after work I realized I was feeling deprived of time outside, so I headed to Lory State Park for a hike up to Arthur’s Rock. It was pretty hot outside today, so when it lightly rained for a portion of the hike, I didn’t mind. I realized I’ve never been to Lory during spring time. Everything was so green and the wildflowers were in full bloom. It was relaxing to spend some time outside on my own after working so much these past few weeks.

In the end, I’m glad that I can look back and appreciate where I was when I moved back here and where I’m at now. Life is ever changing, which is both beautiful and terrifying, and I am constantly growing and learning. So, I will leave ya’ll with this from a bit ago when I was feeling particularly positive with where I’m at in life:


Learn to open your energy to those that are good, supportive, and safe. Those that are willing to be truly present with you through this learning journey called life. Those that inspire the light in you. Learn to close your energy to those that are not. Learn to stay grounded in your body.

A surprise twist, I’m not ending on that, I’m ending this blog post with a photo of Beyonce, because she is Beyonce.


Happy trails, and here’s to growth.

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