Sunday, April 15: Horsetooth Half Marathon

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 3.06.10 PM
Photo credit goes to the Coloradoan

It’s like a hike, but faster and almost entirely on paved roads! Horsetooth Half is the oldest half marathon in Colorado (I learned that this morning), the first half marathon I ever ran (back in 2011), and this was my third time running it. It’s been a few years, which probably worked to my advantage since I forgot how daunting those hills are (especially Bingham, which sneaks up on you after you think you’re in the clear). But, I showed up this morning and I crushed it. I did not win the $8000 prize (came pretty close, though…joke), or set any kind of personal record, but I did finish in two hours and seven minutes with minimal training leading up to today. I was reminded how seriously strong and resilient this body of mine is, and how much lovin’ it deserves from me.

The last time I ran this, I saw two giant bull snakes during the race, but I am happy to report that this year’s run was snake-free. The first time I ran this race a guy turned to me about halfway through running along the reservoir and told me he probably shouldn’t have eaten McDonald’s for breakfast. This morning at that same spot people were also talking about what they regret eating for breakfast. But in case anybody’s wondering, I drank some coffee, lots of water, and ate Special K cereal with almond milk for breakfast and didn’t regret it. After the race I refueled with a waffle, and I definitely don’t regret that.

About a month ago I went on a trail run up by Horsetooth & realized I should probably start running more before the race.




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  1. I want that waffle for dinner!!


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