Sunday, April 1: Lady Moon Trail

Happy Easter weekend! I’m not religious, so I won’t pretend to be, but I do appreciate those days set aside to relax, slow down, and spend time with loved ones (&& eat too much food). Today I headed up towards the Red Feather Lakes area to go for a hike before heading to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner. You will never guess what I blasted on my drive up! But really, you won’t. I bet if you know me you immediately assumed Jesus Christ Superstar (one of the best musicals ever created), but it wasn’t. I’ve been SO INTO A Tribe Called Quest ever since I heard one of their songs at the climbing gym. For real, how did I miss out on them for so long? I also recently learned that Red Hot Chili Peppers released a new album… in 2016. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!

It snowed in the area last night, so the drive up was filled with snowy hills. The hike also consisted of some of the weirdest weather I’ve experienced on a hike. It was blue skies and sunshine for five minutes, then a cloud would blow in and I’d get showered with snow, then it would circle back to blue skies and sunshine. It was an odd cycle, but both conditions were beautiful.


There were a lot of different trail options, but I stuck with the Lady Moon Trail and hiked an out and back. There were a couple other cars at the trailhead, but I didn’t see a single other person while I was hiking. It was so quiet and peaceful. Lately I’ve been spending more time just playing, doing things with no expectation or desired outcome. I took time to put my hands in the mud and practice some yoga positions in the middle of the trail, which turned out to be hilarious and a lot of fun. I climbed up on some slippery rocks and slid back down, and I just stood still and looked around, which allowed me to see a flock of small birds contract and expand while flying as a flock in the sky. So cool, how do they organize themselves so that they don’t crash into each other? I also saw a herd of either elk or deer run across the trail and then run back across once they saw me. It was so neat to hear their hooves echo in the quiet.


I turned around at the Disappointment Falls sign, as some snow had blown in and it wasn’t letting up. I would definitely go back to this trailhead and hike around some more, going further on the trail I started or trying different routes next time. It’s such a beautiful area up there.

The view during dinner

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