Thursday, January 11: Rabbit Mountain Open Space

Hey Colorado, you’re beautiful.

The first hike of the year is in the books (or on the blog, whatever). I used to commute from Fort Collins to Boulder for work, and everyday I would pass a sign for Rabbit Mountain Open Space on Highway 66. I thought I would finally check it out today! First of all, I can’t believe I ever drove that much five days a week. But, it’s a beautiful drive with an amazing view of Long’s Peak, even when it’s wrapped in a blanket of cloud. Even mountain peaks get chilly, I suppose.

IMG_4858 2
cloudy peaks

I started off from the trailhead along the Little Thompson Overlook Trail. It was an out and back that took me to, well, the overlook. It was a nice, rocky climb up with some nice views at the end.


IMG_0239 copy
The Overlook

I then connected to the Eagle Wind trail, which was a loop that provided beautiful views of the mountains. Plus, I only briefly got lost… on a loop.


Eagle Wind Loop

All in all, it turned out to be about a 6 mile hike, and even with a bit of a wind, it was still a beautiful day to do the 2018 inaugural hike!


Happy new year!

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