Saturday, November 25th & Sunday, November 26th: Mount Margaret and Eagle’s Nest Open Space

David flew in for a visit over Thanksgiving, so we made sure to make time for some outdoors! On Saturday we headed up to Livermore, CO, near Red Feather Lake area, to stay with family for the night and hang out. Before settling in for the day we headed up to the Mount Margaret trail and set out for a beautiful hike on a sunny November day.



The way out was relatively easy, and it was really enjoyable seeing snow-capped mountains in the distance. The total hike was a little over seven miles (although my phone died so the entire hike wasn’t tracked correctly). We took a break at the end point and climbed up on to some of the rocks near Mount Margaret to enjoy the views.



FullSizeRender 53

We then headed to my relatives’ house for the evening and enjoyed lots of tasty food, drinks, and company. We puzzled, played games, and watched Christmas movies while enjoying the beautiful views from their house.



The next day on the way home we stopped at Eagle’s Nest Open Space for a shorter hike. In all, it was a little of three miles but it was HOT outside with an intense sun, which we were not prepared for, so it felt like a much more challenging hike than we were expecting. It was still a neat hike though, with views of the foothills, red rocks, and open fields with horses, while also leading us down to the Poudre River.



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