January 2015: Hocking Hills, Ohio

Happy throwback Monday! For no specific reason, I feel like reminiscing about the Ohio hiking that I did in my first few years there. In January 2015 we went to Hocking Hills for a weekend. We rented a cabin (with a hot tub!!) near the hiking trails and spent the weekend hiking in the hills, playing games (Bonanza!), and cooking with friends.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.22.02 PM.png

I don’t remember all of the trails that we hiked in detail, but I know that we hiked to Ash Cave, Rock House, Cedar Falls, and the Gorge and Rim Trails in Conkle’s Hollow.

Ash Cave:

Rock House:

Cedar Falls:

And then what I think are photos from Conkle’s Hollow Gorge Trail and Rim Trail:

There were other photos from this trip, with views from the Rim Trail, so if they turn up I will add them!

This was an awesome, wintery getaway, and I can’t believe we’re coming up on three years since this trip. My toes were cold 90% of the time (the 10% they weren’t cold was when we were in the hot tub at our cabin), but the hiking was still really great, and the ice formations and caves were so cool!

Random photo of Morty before she destroyed all of these plants

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