Thursday, November 2nd: Lory State Park, Well Gulch to Timber to Arthur’s Rock to West Valley Trail

This was a perfectly spooky hike for the week of Halloween! There was a heavy fog warning out for Larimer County when I left for the park this morning, and it did not disappoint while hiking! The temperatures were finally low enough that I felt chilly throughout the entire hike, which was refreshing. I haven’t been to Lory  State Park since I lived here the last time, so it was nice to finally make it back for a hike on the trails there. I parked at the Etluck picnic area and started the hike on the Well Gulch trail. I connected to Timber and started the climb up on all of the switchbacks.

From Timber I connected with the Artuher’s Rock trail and climbed up to the summit. Normally this provides an expansive view of Fort Collins and beyond, but today it was a sea of fog. I took a break, ate some snacks, and enjoyed the foggy views at the top.

I hiked back down on the Arthur’s Rock trail, then turned on to the West Valley trail to loop back to the parking lot. Once back, I decided to hike down to Etluck Bay to check out the reservoir’s water level. In all, the hike was a little over seven miles and was overall pretty quiet, with only a few other hikers spotted, a couple of rock climbers, and a wild turkey (gobble gobble!).

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