Tuesday, October 24th: Foothills Trail, I Think.

Since moving to Colorado, the great state for being outdoors, I feel like I’ve spent significantly more time indoors. Between working, studying, and trying to identify where the heck/what the heck the lacuna is in a spongy bone tissue sample under the microscope, I have felt pretty busy. But, autumn is here and I felt inspired by this past weekend’s monster hikers to get out for a mini hike today and enjoy it before it is gone!


So, I headed to the trail that winds its way along Horsetooth Reservoir. I’m not actually certain the trail I hiked was the foothills trail, but the trail was unmarked on the maps in the parking lot, so that’s my best guess.

FullSizeRender 50

It was SO NICE to spend some time outside. There were trees that had turned bright colors along the trail, and the water looked deep blue today. The trail was overall pretty quiet, I only really saw one mountain biker and one runner, so it was quite peaceful. In the end, it is never a mistake to take a break from the things that feel so pressing to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Reminder to self: ultimately, everything that needs to get done will, and taking time to relax and enjoy the outdoors will only help.

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