Monday, June 5: Gem Lake to Twin Owls & Sprague Lake, RMNP

On Monday we woke up, headed to the complimentary breakfast, ate some goodies, and then headed out for another hike. Although actually, our first stop was the Country Supermarket along Moraine Ave. where we picked up made to order sandwiches for our picnic lunch planned for the afternoon. After that, we determined that the trailhead for Gem Lake was not actually in the park, so we turned back around and headed through the town of Estes to the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead. There we started our upwards climb to Gem Lake, with dark and rumbly clouds in the distance. The rain held off, and we were able to fully enjoy this hike up to the beautiful Gem Lake. There were some pretty neat overlooks of the town of Estes along the way, but the lake was a true treat. We sat next to the lake for a bit, fending off chipmunks that were way too brave around humans (please don’t feed wildlife!!). We hiked back down (which was also a bit challenging due to the oddly spaced steps), and decided to make a loop along the Twin Owls trail back to the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead. In all, the hike was a little over 4 miles.

After our hike, we headed back through Estes and into the park for a picnic lunch at Sprague Lake. We ate our tasty sandwiches then took a short stroll around the lake, taking in the mountains one last time before we headed out of Estes.

On the way down the canyon I pulled over at a pull-off to let a speedy driver pass, and David snapped this pretty picture of a fly fisher in the Big Thompson River. Overall, it was a great couple of days in Estes Park and RMNP with some really beautiful hikes and time well spent outdoors.


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