Tuesday, May 30: Horsetooth Rock Hike to the Budweiser Clydesdales, Snowbank Brewery, and Black Bottle Brewery

Distance: 5.4 miles

Trail Surface: Natural/dirt

Time: About 3 hours

Land: County natural space, pass required

Elevation Gain: 1,761 feet

We made it to Colorado via the trusty Ford Focus! We decided that our first hike should be the classic hike up to Horsetooth Rock in Fort Collins. David, myself, and my dad headed out in the morning for the climb up. The weather was perfect, with some warm sunshine but complimented with a nice cool breeze and plenty of shade on the trail up. I definitely felt the change in altitude compared to the hikes in Cleveland, but it was a great hike. David convinced me that it was worth the extra climb up to stand on top of the rock at the end of the hike, so I braved it and went all the way up. The views were spectacular, as usual, and we were able to see snowy mountains, Horsetooth Reservoir, and the city of Fort Collins in the distance.


After resting up, we headed out (not on foot this time) to see the Clydesdales and explore some local breweries! The horses were beautiful, and I wanted badly to bring one home. It must have been nap time because they were all a bit sleepy. After that, we headed to a couple of breweries for some fun and some tasty beer.

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