Monday, May 8: Gorge to Bridle/Buckeye Trail, Penitentiary Glen Reservation

This was my first time hiking at this park, and it was a treasure! The sun is finally shining again in the Cleveland area, and the temperature almost reached 50, so it was a perfect morning for a short hike. There were multiple beautiful overlooks of the woods and creek, along with a variety of trail scenery. The first half of the hike involved a bunch of stairs down to a view of the Stoney Brook Falls and a boardwalk through the woods. I popped out to a field with blooming trees, and then looped around to the Bridle/Buckeye trail. I saw a bunch of signs telling me to follow the blue blazes, but I never actually saw any blue blazes. I looped back to the nature center, with only one semi challenging water crossing and hill upwards, where I saw three deer munching. The trail ends with a paved trail that curves around a small pond near the nature center. In the end, the hike was about 3.1 miles.

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