Tuesday, March 14: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

On Tuesday morning we packed up our campsite and headed out of Death Valley back towards Vegas, with plans to hike and camp at Red Rock Canyon. Upon arrival, we stopped in at the Red Rock Campgrounds and reserved walk-in site 90, one of the last four available sites for the night!

We headed into the park and along the one-way scenic loop. The first hike we did was Turtlehead Peak, a 5 mile strenuous hike that was mostly uphill on the way out, and required some serious rock scrambling at the end. We did not finish the hike and get to the peak, as the it became too vertical and I get seriously afraid of heights. We made it a little over 3.5 miles.  The amount we did do was still challenging though, and still provided some beautiful views of the landscape and surrounding scenery. We saw many lizard friends along the way.

We then headed further along the scenic loop drive, and drove up a gravel side road to the Keystone Thrust trailhead. This hike was a little over 2 miles, and led us to the Keystone Thrust, the most significant geological feature in the park.

We headed back to the campsite where our neighbor in site 89 was hosting a live concert with his guitar. Campfires weren’t allowed at the walk-in sites, and we were feeling pretty tired from the hiking and the sun, so we cleaned up a bit and headed into town for a quick bite to eat. The next morning we woke up in time to see the sunrise, while the full moon was still visible in the morning sky. We packed up our site under the glowing pink sky, and made a stop at the Red Rock Overlook which had been packed the day before, but was still quiet so early in the morning, before heading on to the  Hoover Dam.


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