Sunday, January 15: Solo Hike at Chapin Forest


fullsizerender-19David headed out to day 3 of the annual Board Game Weekend, with promises from me that I would stay home and start working through my stack of readings and assignments due this week as the spring semester of school begins on Tuesday. I had all good intentions to do just that, but then I realized it was pretty mild outside in terms of temperature AND the sun was shining. So, I packed some layers and headed to Chapin Forest. I hiked trails that we have previously hiked, but it was nice to spend time in the quiet woods, passing only a few people and a couple of handsome horses. I stopped for a break at the scenic overlook where I could just make out some buildings that may have been in downtown Cleveland, and then continued on my way. I always feel completely lost at Chapin Forest for some reason (maybe the connectors throw me off?) so I was relieved when I came out of the woods right by my car. It was a relaxing hike, and I’m now feeling more prepared to start in on my class readings (…).

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