Saturday, January 7: Edgewater Park & W.25th Street

Okay, this blog entry is stretching the meaning of “hiking” a bit, but we’re at least trying to get outdoors despite the winter weather!

Winter in Cleveland was getting to us on Saturday, and we were feeling a little stir crazy having been hibernating indoors for the past few days due to the cold, snowy weather. With temperatures in the teens and the wind chill below zero, we decided to leave the apartment and find something to do, hopefully outdoors. I surprised David by driving to Edgewater Park where I thought it would be nice to walk around along the lake. This lasted less than ten minutes and approximately .3 miles. It.was.cold (and windy). We walked until our faces and toes felt sufficiently numb, then scurried back to the car where I pondered a back up plan surprise.

We then headed to W. 25th Street in Ohio City where we parked our car and ventured back out into the cold. Our first stop was the West Side Market where David found some very Cleveland-y GLB Christmas Ale Bacon from one of the vendors (which he has since declared delicious). After eyeing up all of the sweet treats, we continued our “hike” down the street and ended up at Tabletop Board Game Cafe. We stayed for a few hours, learning new games such as Zip It, Quiddler, Deep Sea Adventure, Agent Hunter, and Billionaire Banshee. We replenished our lost energy due to the day’s strenuous hiking by eating tasty sandwiches, and eventually worked up the courage to make our way back to the car. In all, we may not have gotten outside for much hiking on this chilly, windy day, but we at least got ourselves outside of the apartment and got to enjoy the lake view for a few (numbing) minutes!

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