Saturday, October 29th: 2016 Monster Hike, Winking Lizard Tavern Parking Lot in Peninsula, OH to Station Road Bridge Trailhead, Buckeye Trail

Distance: 17.03

Time: 10 hours

Difficulty: moderate to difficult due to distance and hills

Trail Surface: Paved, gravel, forested trail

Land Status: National Park

It was a beautiful, warm fall day for our spooky annual Monster Hike. We started following the blue blazes around 8:30am by the Winking Lizard in Peninsula, OH. It was a chilly start but we quickly warmed up. The first half of the hike went quickly, and we saw many other hikers out and about.

We stopped for lunch on a log overlooking the scenery and enjoyed resting our feet while eating our sandwiches. We continued on, spotting a snake that at first looked like a pipe on the rock face, discovered an old car skeleton, while passing through different areas of the CVNP.

Energy levels began to wane as our mileage increased, but we persisted! We continued to pass through beautiful sections of the park & trail, and spent time marveling out how pretty the trees looked in the evening sunlight. As our bones began to creak and our muscles tighten, we stayed focused on how amazing the finish would feel. And it felt great! We made it back to the Subaru just as the sun was going down and it was getting dark. We headed to our friends’ for a post hike dinner of tacos/burritos and a spooky Halloween movie. Second annual Monster Hike complete!

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