Saturday, August 20th: Newaygo, MI & Manistee National Forest

Distance: 5 miles

Difficulty: easy to difficult, ranging from flat to steep terrain

Trail Surface: Dirt

Land Status: National Forest

We met up with our friends, Britt and Alex, for a relaxing weekend getaway to Michigan. The original plan was to spend Saturday morning kayaking down the Muskegon River that ran right behind our cabin. However, as we watched the weather reports update with higher and higher percentages of storms we decided to regroup and plan for a hike instead. We found the North Country Trail, America’s longest national scenic trail (4,600 miles). While the full length of the trail was tempting, we opted to keep our hiking distance around five miles due to the forecasted storms.

The trail took us through wooded areas, along train tracks, around a lake, and up a sledding hill. We passed a pair of loan black boots on the trail, and saw a unicorn. Our timing was perfect and the clouds rolled in at the end of our hike, only getting us a little soggy.

As predicted, it rained the rest of the day and a Tornado Warning was issued for areas in Michigan. Five tornados touched down throughout the afternoon, luckily none of them getting  too close to us. We stayed safe and dry in our cabin, spending the rest of the day watching the Olympics, playing a marathon of board games, and drinking tasty Colorado beer.


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