Thursday, August 4th- Saturday, August 7th: Montreal

Disclosure: this post may end up having an excessive amount of photos

Last September we traveled to Montreal and absolutely loved it. We decided to make a quick getaway this summer. We packed our bags and headed for the border. We stopped in Buffalo for the night to feast on Ted’s french fries and onion rings and had a nice visit with David’s family in which we honed our Jenga skills.


We arrived at our apartment (which I will refer to as “the closet” from now on) in Montreal Thursday afternoon. Friday morning we began our adventures by heading to Parc La Fontaine to walk around before getting brunch at Café Chat L’Heureux. Yes, you read that correctly, a cat cafe where you can eat delicious food while hanging out with adorable cats!

We spent the rest of the day walking around Old Port, Old Montreal, and back towards the neighborhood we were staying in, Le Plateau Mont-Royal to eat some poutine for dinner at La Banquise. We made a Fitbit record of walking 13.04 miles for a total of 30,764 steps.


We continued our epic Fitbit stats on Saturday. By the end of the day we had 30,493 steps at 12.92 miles. We started the day off by taking the bus to Mont-Royal park and up the stairs (so..many..steps..) to the overlook of the city. We found a path through the woods that led to the other side of the park where we continued our walk. It was easy to forget that we were in the middle of the city, as the park felt like such a peaceful natural space away from the hubbub. We walked by a lake that we figured out was used for ice skating during the winter when we used the restroom in the empty ice skating locker room. Our path led us on through a cemetery that was very similar to the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. We saw many cyclists ride through on the quiet roads.

After finding our way back to a Metro station we took the train to Montreal’s second (yes, they have two!) cat cafe to replenish ourselves with more tasty food amongst cats.

Good morning, Montreal


After we rested up, we got on the Metro and headed to St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mont-Royal Park. A big name for an even bigger building on an even bigger hill. It was a slow walk up on our tired feet, but we made it, and it was well worth it. It provided for another overlook of the city, this time from a different angle. We then walked through the space, which had an incredibly decorated church inside. We wandered around until our feet refused, and then walked back to our neighborhood and ended our last day in Montreal with delicious sushi and mango sorbet. We slept well that night, as it had finally cooled down and we were exhausted.



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  1. Marie Aaron says:

    Really enjoyed reading about your hiking adventures. Our family traveled to Montreal and Quebec City last summer and we all enjoyed. Started off at a hotel on the edge of Chinatown. Edward had booked this incredible rate of $102 for a large double king room with a roll away bed using an entertainment book coupon and favorable exchange rate. Needless to say we were a little worried about the place. Turned out to be fine and truly unique with a large section of lobby containing a golf fish pond. Our hotel backed up to a popular lane full of bakeries that offered freshly baked treats in the evening. Just delicious after dinner. My favorite was a red bean sweet roll. We also did a lot of walking and took full advantage of subway. We rented the BIXI and biked out the pier and across bridge to Parc Jean-Drapeau. The pier was nostalgic with large concrete grain elevators just like we have on Buffalo river. On the island we were able to ride the bikes right on the Formula One race track. We were so impressed with Montreal that Edward is going to apply to McGill University to see what they might offer.

    Better switch to Quebec City before I get timed out I your web paged. Loved it! Can you believe the Mounties ride bikes? The slope on the hills was most impressive. We really enjoyed the walking the city and the entertainment. The food was simply the best. Oh wait, the shoe shopping was the best.

    Thanks so much for writing so a nice blog. It prompted me to looked at all photos from last year and enjoy the memories.


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