Saturday, July 9th: Cottonwood to Mastick Woods to Bridle Trails, Rocky River North Reservation

Distance: 7 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Trail surface: Paved, crushed gravel, dirt paths

Land Status: Public

The view from the ridge overlook

This was our friend’s surprise birthday celebration hike! His girlfriend organized it so that a group of us would arrive early and surprise him upon his arrival. I’m not sure what the rest of the park goers thought of grown adults trying to hide behind trees, but we had fun with it!

The hike itself started on a paved path through parking lot areas and pavilions. We passed many grad parties, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations. Everyone had their grills going and there was the comforting summer sound of children laugh-screaming as they played in the park.

The trail then took us across a road and along Rocky River. We passed a trail that was more like a ledge and most people chose to adventure up, myself not included. Those that did said there was a beautiful overlook near the top, though. We looped our way back and crossed the road to do the other loop. It took us by the Rocky River Reservation horse stables (!!!) and along the river on the other side before leading us back to the paved path where we walked along the Solar System that is set up along the bike bath and ended back at our cars.



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