Boston: Sunday, June 19th-Tuesday, June 21st

Distance: we did so..much..walking.. over the course of our trip!

We saw some really neat stuff. The first day we spent walking the first half of the Freedom Trail starting at the Bunker Hill Memorial. It was such a neat city to be in with all of the history along the trail. We found a bar that night to watch the Cavs game. It wasn’t ideal, as we even had to ask them to turn off golf and turn on basketball, and there were only two other Cavs fans from Lakewood, OH at the bar, so we ended up relocating to The Greatest Bar. It was so much fun. The bar had a mix of Golden State and Cavs fans which kept things lively. And… THE CAVS WON! Go Cleveland. On Monday we walked the second half of the Freedom Trail which included the Boston Commons, the first public school, and another neat old church. We also had lunch with Britt and her friend Hannah because randomly, she was in Boston for a conference! We then walked on to Harpoon Brewery where the wait list for tours was too long so we just sampled some flights, instead. We then tried using public transportation and messed up, but we still got to where we were trying to go. Success. On Tuesday we checked out of our Airbnb and walked to MIT and Harvard to try and soak up some knowledge and maturity. I’m not sure it worked, but it was neat to walk around the campus, especially Harvard which was like its own little town. We found some bathrooms in the Architectural Design building and also walked around looking at the Senior Projects that were on display. We stopped for our last beer in Boston and then headed to the airport. It was a trip with perfect weather, lots of walking, and really neat sites.

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