Saturday, May 29th: Look About Lodge to Bridle/Buckeye to Sulphur Springs to Squaw Rock Trails, South Chagrin Reservation

Distance: It ended up being about 4.1 miles

Approximate hiking time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Moderate due to steep climbs

Trail surface: Paved, crushed gravel, natural surface, forested trail

Land Status: Public

It’s been a warm weekend (feels like a hot summer is on its way!) so we woke up early and got to the trail around 8:30am. It was a beautiful morning spent hiking a really interesting trail. There were some steep climbs and precarious steps across rivers, but overall it was definitely a hike we would do again. It took us through pretty wooded areas, along the Chagrin River, and Squaw Rock. We even completed most of the hike correctly even though it was a surprisingly confusing loop. The hike ended with a trip to visit our favorite space cats!

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