Sunday, April 17th: Cleveland Heights to Jeni’s Ice Cream

Distance: about 30 miles

Approximate biking time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult due to big hills

Trail surface: Pavement with some potholes

Biking is like hiking, except with a B… or something… Anyways.. we decided to get out our bikes for the first ride of the year! The weather was supposed to be beautiful and in the 70s all day. My dad recently brought my road bike out from Colorado, so we got ourselves set up, air in tires, seats adjusted, and started off. We didn’t really have a plan, so about an hour into the ride we took a break in a traffic circle out by the CASE farm to figure out where to go. I suggested we go to Chagrin Falls. David looked at me like I was weird, but then got on board as long as a stop at Jeni’s ice cream was involved. There were lots of larger hills to go down on the way there (what goes down must come up..) and we biked by some really beautiful places and scenery. We made it to Chagrin Falls and ate some ice cream (they had sorbet! Very Berry and a pear flavor- delicious) and shared a sub from Dave’s Cosmic. We relaxed by the river, both taking our time knowing what kind of hills we’d have to climb up on the way home, but eventually decided it was time to head back. We survived, even if our butts were numb by the time we got back to our apartment.


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