Saturday, April 16th: Bridle to Ansel’s Cave to Trout Lily Trails, The West Woods

Distance: 5.8 miles

Approximate hiking time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate due to hills

Trail surface: Hard-packed dirt, gravel

Land Status: Park land

This hike was beautiful! We started the hike in the horse trailer parking lot. Seeing all the horses cooling down from their ride made me miss Ernie and Ellerick, so I am including a picture of them in this post! This was probably the warmest day we’ve been out hiking yet this year, and it was strange to think that just two weekends ago we were hiking in the snow. The hike itself took us through interesting scenery, including a trail along a pond where we spent about half an hour watching the wildlife (frogs, a snakes, turtles, and birds). We also hiked past Ansel’s Cave, which served some purpose in the Civil War, as mentioned in the book. This lead to me finding a museum that does Civil War re-enactments with clay cats,

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